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Achievements: Testimonials



"I am a client of yours. My name, as you can see is Ralph. I workout at Fitness Focus and have been "trained" by Chris for approx 25-30 sessions thus far. This is simply an email of praise regarding what Chris has been able to do...how he has kept me focussed...committed...diligent...and how knowledgable he is in your profession.

I have been fortunate enough to have represented our country in two seperate sports...so I am used to HARD training, I am accustomed to DEDICATION, HONESTY, SAFETY and all of the aspects that need to be focussed on, recognized, and acknowledged. Chris has pushed me farther than any rugby coach I have had the chance to play under...and that includes National coaches, International coaches, and Professional club coaches.

This is simply a quick email to thank you and your staff and training procedures...and especially an email to let you know that you have one hell of a trainer in your midst.  Thanks again."
            -Cheers, Ralph.

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